Travelling with dogs in Finland

Have you ever wanted to bring your furry friend along for a meal at a restaurant? Well, it seems that many dog owners are now expressing the same desire. The recent study conducted by our team aimed to understand the preferences of dog owners when it comes to traveling with their pets. The results highlighted three main points that are shaping the future of dog-friendly travel.

Why Do Dogs Want to Dine Out?

One of the key findings from our research is that dog owners are increasingly reluctant to leave their pets in the car during pit stops or meal times. Instead, they want to bring their dogs inside restaurants with them. This shift in behavior reflects the growing importance of pets as integral members of the family.

What Do Dog Families Look For in Travel Destinations?

In addition to wanting to dine out with their furry companions, dog families are also seeking out pet-friendly vacation spots more easily. They are looking for accommodations and destinations that welcome dogs with open arms, making it easier for them to plan trips without worrying about leaving their pets behind.

What Activities Do Dog Families Want on Vacation?

Dog-friendly travel in Finland Train'N'Treat Juurikkasaari

Lastly, our study revealed that dog families are eager to engage in activities with their pets while on vacation. They are looking for opportunities to bond with their dogs through various activities and experiences. To cater to this demand, we have launched the Train'N'Treat dog menu in Finland. It is available at Juurikkasaari in Jyväskylä. Additionally, dog owners can purchase the Train'N'Treat device, filled with delicious hotdogs for their furry companions to enjoy also in the futures adventures.

With the growing trend of dogs in restaurants and the increasing demand for pet-friendly travel options, it's clear that dogs are becoming an essential part of the travel experience for many families. As we continue to innovate and cater to the needs of dog owners, we look forward to creating more opportunities for memorable trips with our beloved four-legged friends.

Have a nice vacation with your dog!