Leading Thoughts of the Train'N'Treat


  • We make the dog's everyday life tasty and happy by offering it high-quality, fun, safe, ecological and easy to use products 
  • We make tails wag by helping people and dogs communicate better with each other.
  • We are building a positive world where it is good for people and dogs to be together.


By 2030
  • Train'N'Treat products are well known in the global dog world as fun, handy, useful, inventive, ecological and durable.
  • Sidebay Oy is part of a large global ecosystem where all operators have common mission and the same values. The ecosystem enables agile development.
  • Train'n'Treat products are available for every dog worldwide.

Easy Values

  • Easy for planet - Sustainability is our main value in every step we take
  • Easy business - Reliability and a fair attitude is important to us in our business
  • Easy life - We want to make easy of everyday life for every dog and dog owner 
  • Easy dog training - Fun, safe and easy dog training with positive reinforcement