(=Frequently asked questions)

Q: Can I feed my hotdogs to my dog?

A: In small amounts, a dog will be just fine. However, you cannot substitute your dog’s meal with sausage. For instance, one hot dog for a 9kg (20lb) pooch is the caloric equivalent of three hamburgers for a person. Please take care not to give your dog too many treats of any kind. From one 10cm (4”) small sausage you’ll get 20 treats.

Q: Can I load Train'N'Treat with anything else than hotdog meant for human?

A: Yes you can. You can use your dog´s favorite high value treats; hot dogs, cheese, soft meat rolls, cucumber etc. Max. length for treat 10 cm/4". Max diameter treat 16 mm/3/4".

Q: The treat pouch I use also has room for poop bags and a water bottle etc. This doesn’t seem to work with Train’N’Treat.

A: True. There is no space for other items in our device, but it is easy to carry anywhere you go, even in a pocket or using  lanyard. Did you know that you can carry one poop bag inside the Train’N’Treat handle? Roll the bag and push it inside the handle. Make sure that part of the bag remains visible so you can get it out easily.

Q: How long can I store the treat in Train’N’Treat?

A: It depends on the temperature. When you are not using your loaded Train’N’Treat, we recommend that you store it in the fridge. However it is best to empty the device after every use.

Q: Why is the clicking sound of Train’N’Treat so much lower than that of other clickers?

A: We designed Train’N’Treat to be used also in urban environments and not to draw much attention. It is said that a dog’s sense of hearing is eight times better than yours.

Q: What hotdogs do you recommend?

A: Skinless, meaty hotdogss work best. Please choose a product with the lowest possible salt content and no onions or other spices. The maximum diameter of the sausage is about 21 mm (7/8”). 

Please note that you can also use (soft) Meat Rolls, Cheese, Cucumber, Apple etc.

Q: What is biocomposite or the biobased material mentioned on your product package?

A: The DuraSense ™ wood fiber-based composite material we use is made by Stora Enso in Sweden. In this material, plastic has been largely replaced with wood fibers. It is as strong and sustainable as wood and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than plastic.

Q: Why should I use Train’N’Treat instead of the clicker and treat pouch I already have?

A: The clicker and the treat pouch work excellently in training. You also get to choose the treats you want. Train’N’Treat is designed to be easily taken anywhere. Your hands, pockets/bags stay clean and you can use it even with gloves on. It also helps to protect your fingers from sharp teeth.

Q: Can it dispense dry kibble, or would the kibble get stuck?

A: I'm afraid it can't. It would just crunch them. You can use Train'N'Treat with rod-like, moist treats or small sausages (hot dogs). 

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