Celebrating 4 Years of Innovation: Sidebay Oy's Train'N'Treat Revolutionizes Daily Dog Life

Celebrating our 4th anniversary is a testament to the meaningful journey we've embarked on with Train'N'Treat, where innovation and dedication have strengthened the bond between dogs and their owners. For the past three years, Train'N'Treat has been revolutionizing the canine experience.

Our commitment to enhancing the daily lives of dogs and their owners has garnered significant interest worldwide. The unique treat dispenser seamlessly integrates training and rewarding, fostering harmony between dogs and their human companions.

In an industry defined by the fusion of creativity and functionality, Train'N'Treat shines as a beacon of ingenuity. This interactive device not only stimulates dogs mentally and physically but also cultivates positive behavior through a blend of training exercises and rewarding treats. Our mission is crystal clear: to infuse the lives of dogs and their owners with more joy and convenience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers and retailers. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of pushing the boundaries of pet care innovation, ensuring that every dog and owner can revel in shared moments and a deeper bond.

Let's make life more fun and pawsitive together!

Warm regards,

Outi and Sami Syrjälahti + Epe