Train'N'Treat Research Results: Easy and Safe Training in Everyday Life

The unique and handy Train'N'Treat treat dispenser has garnered user approval, according to a recent survey. User feedback highlights the device's ease of use, versatility, and commitment to social responsibility.

The survey revealed that a majority of Train'N'Treat users acquired the device because it makes reward-based training effortless. Users particularly value the device for enabling effective training while keeping fingers safe and pockets tidy.

In daily life and during walks, Train’N’Treat proved to be a popular choice, with most respondents incorporating the device into their daily routines. The device excels during walks, especially when practicing leash training and navigating social situations with other dogs.

Users favor using treats such as sausages or training treats, which have proven to be effective incentives for training. According to the survey results, the majority of users utilize Train'N'Treat daily as part of their dog training routine.

Based on the findings, users enthusiastically recommend the Train'N'Treat device to all dog owners, emphasizing its versatility and effectiveness as a training aid.

According to respondents, the responsibility demonstrated by Train'N'Treat is of significant importance. They highlight that the most significant factor is that the products are assembled by individuals aged 20-30 undergoing rehabilitation, and the second most significant factor is that the products are manufactured 100% in Finland. This underlines users' trust in not only the functionality of the device but also the social responsibility embedded in its manufacturing process.

The survey results affirm that Train'N'Treat has not only become a favorite among users for its practicality but also for its commitment to social responsibility, making it a preferred choice for dog owners seeking an effective and responsible training solution.